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I have had a varied career path, exploring a number of avenues. My career initially began in early education, followed by nursing, then management.


My fascination with how we function as human beings - how we relate to, and with, our world and how we face the challenges that life delivers, has taken me into other areas of training. These areas consist of: counselling, transpersonal psychotherapy and psychology, Bio-energy Healing, hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching, somatic trauma therapy, EMDR, medical qigong, shamanic work, transformational breathwork, Kundalini yoga, advanced firewalk instructor training and astrological psychology.


My own life experiences and personal interests have led me to explore: the Celtic tradition, paganism, shamanism, traditional Chinese medicine, Buddhism and ecopsychology.


I believe each of us is a spiritual being, in a physical body. Our spiritual journey is not one of transcending the physical body; it is one of coming fully into our physical body, meaning we become fully incarnated in this lifetime, so that we walk the spiritual path, with practical and grounded awareness. My spiritual practices form an integral part of daily life. My experiences from these practices are, in turn, incorporated into my work.


I am based in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. I offer teletherapy consultations online through a secure telehealth platform. This enables us to meet regardless of geography and for you to access support from the comfort of your own space. Many find this arrangement less stressful as well as being more flexible and convenient, particularly for those with demanding schedules and limited time. There is also an advantage in terms of reduced travel time and costs.

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