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I would like to briefly mention a little more on the three charts worked with in Huber Astrology:


The natal chart shows your inherent motivations and qualities, and the potential with which you entered this world. The house chart gives an indication of environmental influences in your formative years, including possible childhood conditioning. With conscious awareness you can work on bringing your inherent traits to their full potential, whilst letting go of outgrown conditioning. The house chart can show how the environment could support you in this process. The nodal chart represents the past – your past experiences and the deeply unconscious belief systems and behavioural patterns you bring into this lifetime from your previous incarnations. Often the nodal chart can highlight the roots of current deep-seated issues.


Another unique feature of Huber Astrology is the Age Point or Age Progression, which focuses on our inner psychological development during our lifetime. The location of the Age Point can highlight where you currently find yourself in life, on an inner and outer level, and can also help you to make choices and prepare for the changes and learning that may lie ahead. During your consultation I will look with you at your Age Point, combined with current progressions and transits (the movement and aspects of the planets).  


The Huber Method is not based on prediction; therefore I won’t tell you - and can’t tell you - what the future holds. On the other hand, if you are open to a journey of self-discovery, personal development, spiritual growth and a more conscious way of living then you may gain great benefit from a consultation.


If you feel drawn to this approach and would like to book a consultation you are welcome to contact me.

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