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I am currently in the process of attaining a Professional Diploma in Astrological Psychology with The Astrological Psychology Association (APA) - The Huber Method.


Bruno & Louise Huber, Swiss astrologers and psychologists, developed The Huber Method while working with Roberto Assagioli, the founder of psychosynthesis (a transpersonal approach to self-development). The Huber Method is based on the insights of depth psychology (exploring the conscious and the unconscious), but also incorporates humanistic and transpersonal psychology.


In exploring your natal chart using The Huber Method, inner drives and unconscious motivations can be seen, helping you to understand how you operate and why you react as you do. Past influences which may have affected earlier stages of development can be revealed, helping you to gain more clarity on present situations or issues. We can explore where possible challenges or conflicts may be causing you to feel stuck or blocked in life and possible ways of addressing these. Your innate talents can be highlighted, enabling you to explore ways of bringing them fully into the light.


During a one-to-one consultation, I will invite you to actively participate as we explore various areas of your natal chart, so that you can personally experience the energies at play within your natal chart, along with the differing dynamic forces – I call this approach “bringing your chart to life.”


A consultation could be described as a journey of self-discovery, bringing greater self-awareness and understanding, while giving clarity in helping you to discover ways to consciously work with the energies within you.

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