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Astrology has attracted my interest for many years, eventually leading me to formal study over a six year period. I graduated with the Astrological Psychology Association and hold a professional qualification in Astrological Psychology (Dip APA). I am a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (MAPAI) and work to their ethics and code of practice.


My astrological approach is based on the Huber Method, which was developed by Bruno and Louise Huber. This incorporates a psychological and spiritual approach to birth chart analysis – it is grounded in the esoteric teaching of Alice Bailey and in Roberto Assagioli’s theory of psychosynthesis. Uniquely, the Huber Method focuses on three charts – natal, nodal and house.


In order to calculate your birth chart, I require your time, date and place of birth. An accurate time of birth is particularly important, as it allows a more precise analysis of your chart. Chart interpretation is highly skilled - I give several hours of my attention to your charts prior to your consultation.


I offer consultations face-to-face via a secure online platform, or by telephone. During a consultation, we will bring your birth chart to life. I will invite you to actively participate in exploring various features in your natal chart, enabling you to experience the energies at play, both internally and externally, along with the differing dynamic forces. An in-depth exploration of your natal chart can highlight your inherent traits and strengths, increase awareness of your deeper motivations and aspirations, and bring greater understanding of life themes and environmental influences. Additionally it can reveal valuable insights and uncover fresh perspectives on yourself and life.


Astrological Psychology