Core Transformations

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Bio-energy Healing is a natural, potent and effective energy medicine modality, which stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal and regain balance.


In a Bio-energy session, diagnosis and healing take place on an energetic level. The aim of the therapy is to clear, cleanse and re-balance the energetic body. This can result in improvements in physical health conditions, an increase in energy and vitality and positive changes in perception and awareness.


We each have a subtle energy body, consisting of the aura and the chakras. There are seven major chakras. Each major chakra is associated with a particular organ/gland in the physical body, and also with seven levels of consciousness. The chakras interact with each other, therefore an imbalance or block in one chakra can affect the functioning of other chakras. This in turn can lead to the manifestation of illness in the physical body.


Daily life can inevitably bring various stresses and challenges, resulting in us developing patterns of response, which can be on a conscious or an unconscious level.  These repetitive patterns can create an imbalance in our energy field, affecting us on a physical/emotional/psychological level, possibly resulting in: physical health issues, negative or self-limiting beliefs, an inability to break free from habitual tendencies and unhealthy living circumstances. Bio-energy Healing releases and clears unhelpful patterns held in our energy field, enabling us to experience a transformational effect on all levels of our well-being.


Bio-energy Healing