Core Transformations

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Conscious Connections® has been born from my vision and desire for healing on the deepest level, which forms the basis and essence of my life and work.


Over the past 30 years, my own experience involving incredibly deep personal explorations, combined with professional training and my varied work with a multitude of individuals, has led to the creation, and ongoing development, of this truly unique and transformational approach to healing.


Conscious Connections® offers a soul-centric approach which incorporates: ceremony, ritual, rites of passage, ancestral work, reciprocity with nature, supporting difficult life transitions and honouring loss and grief.


Conscious Connections® moves beyond the confines of our rational mind and our usual way of seeing. Inviting and encouraging alternative ways of sensing, feeling, seeing and knowing (non-ordinary states of consciousness) - piercing the veil between the visible and the invisible realms, enabling us to enter deeply into our core; here we can acknowledge and tend to our soul wounds (from this lifetime or previous lifetimes).


Sessions unfold in an intuitive, spontaneous and creative way. The aim is to activate and experience healing at the very core of our being, bringing about shifts in our level of consciousness, enabling us to experience a sense of returning home to ourselves, so that we can live a fully embodied life.

Conscious Connections®